Joint Vision of Justice as a Chain

Сoordination of the justice sector reform is of paramount significance in order to make sure that the policy development process is sufficiently inclusive and productive. Project is continuing the focus on the creation and support to existing Strategic Planning Units within key justice institutions.

Regional Justice Reform Councils

Regional Justice Reform Councils (RJRCs) implement bottom-up reforms by bringing region-specific challenges and potential decisions to the central level and organizing a better exchange of information on sector reforms from the center to the regions and interregionally.

Fair Resolution of Disputes in Court

Project is helping promote greater leadership within judiciary (High Council of Justice), competence and accountability through transparent and objective selection and evaluation of judges, greater clarity and foreseeability of law through uniformity of practic, performance management and new courts map, better service to court clients

Property Rights and Ease of Business

Project will continue to support new private enforcement service and high level of PEO efficiency, improved notary service, new Bankruptcy Code, resolution of problem of high count of applications before the European Court of Human Rights

More Secure Society at a Lower Cost

Project is continuing to support Probation Service of Ukraine through the creation and use of analytical tools such as Risk and Needs Assessment, development of new training programmes for the Probation staff, introduction of electronic services.

More Accessible and Service-oriented Justice

Project is going to support development of consolidated Management Information Systems, which will support the judiciary and other sector bodies in strategic planning, budget and finance, and performance management