Justice Sector Reforms Newsletter (August-November)

17 December 2019

Dear friends, Here is the newsletter prepared by the EU-funded Project Pravo-Justice about our support to the justice sector reform.

Unified Judiciary Information Telecommunication System Development Strategy

6 December 2019

This document contains initial recommendations on possible further activities for the development of the Unified Judiciary Information Telecommunication System (UJITS).

Legislative package on enforcement: Bringing the enforcement reform in Ukraine at its next level

7 November 2019

What? : Enabling Businesses and Economic Growth Who? : Independent and Professional Service Providers (PEOs) ++ Effective Oversight and Scrutiny How? : Improved Business Processes in Judgement Enforcement

Priority legislative changes - enforcement reform

7 November 2019

Ukraine faces an important challenge in the reform of enforcement of court decisions, as a key effort to protect property rights. A successful reform of the enforcement system is relevant to raising the trust of the Ukrainian public and foreign investors in Ukraine as a safe place for owning property and doing business.

Monitoring of Implementation of the Civil and Commercial Procedural Codes - Final Report

11 October 2019

This report is aimed at presenting a methodology for monitoring the implementation of the new Ukrainian Civil and Commercial Procedural Codes. Monitoring was conducted by way of a specifically developed questionnaire with closed answers (Questionnaire A; multiple choice) and an instrument for conducting in-depth interviews (Questionnaire B; open-ended questions). The methodology is not only meant for monitoring the implementation of procedural codes, but also for similar monitoring exercises in the future