Handbook Model Court Initiative "Personal security of judges and court staff" (UKR)

7 September 2020

This Brochure is addressed to judges and court staff who are not responsible for security matters but need to know how the court security system is set up and operates and how to deal with emergencies. The brochure aims to raise awareness of security issues in general, as well as to encourage daily activities based on personal safety considerations. Existing security procedures and measures do not make sense if they are not known or followed which is why it is important for judges and court staff to understand that they are members of the security system, not just beneficiaries.

Feasibility study of the Automated System of Enforcement Proceedings

31 August 2020

Main task of this feasibility study is to understand ASEP weak points and propose realistic and achievable ways of their resolution. The set of fact-finding meetings were organised during the preparation stage with: the representatives of APEO; the representatives of State Enforcement Service of Kyiv Region; the representatives of NAIS.

Evaluation of 2015-2020 JSRSAP as Part of the Policy Cycle. Introductory Review

28 August 2020

The evaluation exercise (the Exercise) concerns implementation of Justice Sector Reform Strategy and Action Plan of Ukraine for 2015-2020 (JSRSAP). The Evaluation package consists of 10 reports and the current introductory review.

Evaluation Report on Chapters I-IV of the JSRSAP

28 August 2020

The Report was prepared as a part of the overall JSRSAP evaluation exercise by the team of PJ experts with the support of the project team and concerns the results of an assessment carried out by Reda Moliene, Marina Naumovska acting as international experts and Olena Ovcharenko4 acting as a national expert. The assessment has been conducted in accordance with the tailored evaluation area-specic methodology.

Evaluation Report on Area of Intervention Development of PR/communication capacities

28 August 2020

The Report has been developed as a part of the overall JSRSAP evaluation exercise by Lukasz Bojarski and Andrii Khymchuk in the capacity of international/national experts of EU Project PRAVO-Justice. It is concerned with Area of Intervention 1.2.3 ‘Development of PR/Communication capacities’ and ‘Dedicated PR/communication capacities of all justice sector governance bodies and sector institution’.