Report on the aspects of “Minor Cases” in the Practice of Civil and Commercial Proceedings in the First Instance and Appellate Courts of Ukraine

26 August 2021

An important feature for a sound economy in a present time society is the attitude to feel responsible and subsequently to take responsibility for one’s own actions and that one may expect that others will keep their promises. These need supporting instruments to support and where necessary ensure such attitude and conduct.

Analysis of the case law of the institution of insolvency of individuals and the restoration of the financial position of mortgage depositors

4 August 2021

This analysis is aimed at highlighting the existing problems in the enforcement of the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code in terms of recourse to the procedure for restoring solvency.

Report "Mediation in Administrative Disputes"

28 July 2021

This report is based on a study to identify potential categories of cases where reconciliation of the parties through mediation is potentially possible and to identify the mechanism for referring such cases to mediation.

Guidelines for the implementation of mediation competence in accordance with the master's degree

24 June 2021

Within the framework of the EU Project Pravo-Justice, a group of national experts analysed in detail the Standard of Higher Education in the specialty 081 "Law" in the field of knowledge 08 "Law" for the second (master's) level of higher education and developed guidelines for higher education institutions. Ability to use mediation and other legal instruments of alternative out-of-court settlement and resolution of legal disputes.

Standard operating procedure for signage of court premises

23 June 2021

The standard operating procedure determines the general rules and procedure for signage the premises in the court with the help of information plates, regulates the content, design, color scheme and size of such plates.