Analysis of Private Enforcement Officers disciplinary practices

26 May 2020

A number of conclusions on PEO disciplinary liability can be drawn from the relevant information and the so far practice of the current Ukrainian Ministry of Justice (MOJ). It seems that the recent change of administration in that country, within certain political circles, has resulted in somewhat of a shift in the position towards self-employed judicial officers – private enforcement officers of Ukraine (PEOs). It appears that this currently pushed, but not yet wholly adopted PEO policy is based on the idea of safeguarding the monopoly position of the State Enforcement Service (SES), and reducing the significance of PEOs to a rather ornamental position within the Ukrainian judicial system.

Disciplinary actions within European self-employed judicial prohessions – an analysis

26 May 2020

The general public has high expectations of those who serve as public officials and the way in which they should conduct themselves in undertaking their duties. One meets those expectations by ensuring conduct above reproach. Historically, the regulation of the legal profession in Europe laid in the hands of courts which controlled the right of self-employed judicial professionals (mainly notaries and lawyers) to practice. The ordinary courts have long since delegated large aspects of regulation to selfemployed legal professions themselves

Comparative analysis of video conferencing systems

12 May 2020

A comparative analysis of the following videoconferencing systems has been carried out at the request of the Chairman of the Working Group of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Digitalisation of Justice and Related Legal Institutions in Ukraine. 1. Easycon – a system promoted by the State Enterprise “Judicial Services Centre” (hereinafter - SE “JSC” and SJA; 2. Zoom – a widely used videoconferencing system, both for personal and business use; 3. Skype Meet Now – a solution from Microsoft for remote teamwork; 4. Cisco Webex – a system for teamwork in the corporate sector.

Enforcement draft law

5 May 2020

This draft law defines the general principles and procedure for enforcement proceedings, as well as the legal status, tasks and bases of organisation and activity of subjects of enforcement of court decisions and decisions of other bodies.

Justice Sector Reforms Newsletter (December-April)

29 April 2020

Dear friends, Here is the newsletter prepared by the EU-funded Project Pravo-Justice about our support to the justice sector reform.