Law on Mediation: Key Provisions

8 December 2021

The publication was prepared with the financial support of the European Union within the EU Project Pravo-Justice in cooperation with the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation.

Information on the possibility of conciliation in court

25 February 2021

The court helps to reconcile the parties in various ways, including through the settlement of a dispute with the participation of a judge and through mediation. The brochure on the possibility of conciliation in court tells in more detail about these methods.

Memo on providing access to mediation in court

25 February 2021

Mediation is a type of negotiation between the parties to a dispute, supported by a neutral and independent mediator, in order to find a mutually acceptable solution. Learn more about the benefits of mediation and its difference from litigation from the brochure.

Handbook Model Court Initiative "Personal security of judges and court staff" (UKR)

7 September 2020

This Brochure is addressed to judges and court staff who are not responsible for security matters but need to know how the court security system is set up and operates and how to deal with emergencies. The brochure aims to raise awareness of security issues in general, as well as to encourage daily activities based on personal safety considerations. Existing security procedures and measures do not make sense if they are not known or followed which is why it is important for judges and court staff to understand that they are members of the security system, not just beneficiaries.

Legislative package on enforcement: Bringing the enforcement reform in Ukraine at its next level

7 November 2019

What? : Enabling Businesses and Economic Growth Who? : Independent and Professional Service Providers (PEOs) ++ Effective Oversight and Scrutiny How? : Improved Business Processes in Judgement Enforcement