Analysis on Disciplinary Sanctions of Insolvency Trustees

10 January 2022

This Analysis aims at outlining the conceptual ways of solving the existing issues with regard to the disciplinary sanctions of insolvency trustees in Ukraine

Law on Mediation: Key Provisions

8 December 2021

The publication was prepared with the financial support of the European Union within the EU Project Pravo-Justice in cooperation with the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation.

Draft report "Mediation in civil and commercial cases"

30 September 2021

This draft report is based on a study to identify potential categories of cases where reconciliation of the parties through mediation is potentially possible.

What is mediation and benefits of its use in enforcement of decisions

9 September 2021

Private enforcement officers must have perfect knowledge and understanding of the process and benefits of mediation to carry out their day-to-day responsibilities and act as a mediator in a broader sense in the context of alternative dispute resolution.

Report on the aspects of “Minor Cases” in the Practice of Civil and Commercial Proceedings in the First Instance and Appellate Courts of Ukraine

26 August 2021

An important feature for a sound economy in a present time society is the attitude to feel responsible and subsequently to take responsibility for one’s own actions and that one may expect that others will keep their promises. These need supporting instruments to support and where necessary ensure such attitude and conduct.