Critical analysis of Methodological recommendations for identifying signs of enterprise insolvency and signs of actions to conceal bankruptcy, fictitious bankruptcy or bringing to bankruptcy

29 November 2022

The shortcomings of the current Methodological Recommendations were analyzed and an updated version of the approach to the liquidation analysis of enterprises was proposed, which would simplify the bankruptcy procedures. The procedures for identifying signs of enterprise insolvency, actions to conceal bankruptcy, fictitious bankruptcy or bringing to bankruptcy were formalized; as well as the procedures for timely identification of the formation of an unsatisfactory balance sheet structure in order to take measures to prevent the bankruptcy of enterprises were suggested, along with the ways of identification of reserves for increasing production efficiency and restoring the solvency of enterprises through their rehabilitation.

Review of National and International Mechanisms of Property Rights Protection Violated due to the Aggression of Russian Federation

31 August 2022

National and international mechanisms of the protection of property rights have been analyzed, including various ways of payment of compensation for damages caused by the armed aggression of another state through judicial or quasi-judicial mechanisms (which are not mutually exclusive or mutually dependent). The main indicator for choosing one or another compensation mechanism is the criterion of efficiency. Given the global challenges and the political and legal context, the feasibility of introducing a multi-component institutional model of compensation for damages has been determined.

Analysis of the application of the moratoria on foreclosure of assets of state-owned enterprises

4 February 2022

Analysis of the moratoria on enforcement of the assets of state-owned enterprises in the context of the constitutional principles of equality of all economic entities, provision of equal conditions and transparent competition, as well as requirements for the harmonization of legislation in the field of economic competition

Analysis on Disciplinary Sanctions of Insolvency Trustees

10 January 2022

This Analysis aims at outlining the conceptual ways of solving the existing issues with regard to the disciplinary sanctions of insolvency trustees in Ukraine

Law on Mediation: Key Provisions

8 December 2021

The publication was prepared with the financial support of the European Union within the EU Project Pravo-Justice in cooperation with the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation.