How to start promoting courts effectively in social networks

Nov 16, 2020 | Judiciary, Justice

Olena Dub, trainer, editor of social networks project " Krym.Realii" (Radio "Freedom") gave advice on effective promotion of judicial institutions in social networks during webinar "Courts in social networks: advice on personal and institutional brand promotion" of training course "Model Communication Solutions for Ukrainian courts".

  • Study the environment, the "field". Are there "competitors" in your topic? Or are there "allies"? With whom can you be partners in promoting topics, in which groups to be active, with whom to cooperate on cross-posting, who is appropriate to tag in your posts? Where can you get topical information that will be of interest to your subscribers?
  • Think about the design of your or official page: informative, clear, minimalist. Write a description of the page, give contacts, write down the rules of the page and the rules of commenting.
  • If you plan to promote through personality - then come up with an online image of the speaker, "genre": "expert", "blogger", "joker" and so on. Remember: the speaker should conduct such blogging activities only in coordination with the press service.
  • Think about your own content strategy: write down your TA, long-term goals, short-term goals and tools (it can be part of a communication strategy, at least it should correlate with the main messages and goals; however, part of your content is only your vision as a social media editor).
  • Select several types of content to use. Check the response of your audience, to which content they respond best. Experiment with the visual component (videos, photos, graphics, memes, tables, tests), the volume of posts, topics, and so on. Be flexible, respond to requests and feedback from the audience.
  • Select tone of voice communication. It can be professionally detached, friendly and explanatory, humorous. However, you can choose the main, for example, formal-business tone and change it sometimes to humorous. The main thing is that your audience appreciates it.
  • Think of a content plan for at least a week. Regular columns, posts promoting your content, posts as part of information campaigns, etc. Content planning will help you remember in day-to-day activities message and the goals of communication strategy, facilitate work, accustom readers to the "usual" columns.
  • Be useful to your target audience. Each time, ask yourself how your post will benefit those who subscribe to your pages and whether they will stop scrolling to read this post.