Webinar “Digitalization of Justice in Ukraine: Court Online”

Apr 22, 2020 | E-justice, Judiciary, Justice
The LITEKO information system has existed in Lithuania since 2005. It includes automated case allocation, electronic services, audio recordings of court hearings, electronic document management, automatic statistical reports on the activities of courts and search of process data in registers and databases.

Chairman of the Kaunas Regional Court and international expert of the EU Project Pravo-Justice Nerijus Meilutis told during the webinar “Digitalization of Justice in Ukraine: Court Online” that 122,470 electronic cases were considered in Lithuania in 2019, in total the system has more than 80 000 registered users.

Electronic documents can be filed in court in Lithuania, and access to electronic services can be accessed through a special portal e.teismas.lt since 2013. In addition, srtarting 2015, you can participate in court hearings by videoconference. In Lithuania, 18 courts have stationary equipment for this purpose, and another 5 have mobile equipment.

The online discussion was initiated by the Ukrainian Bar Association and supported by the Project. The discussion was attended by members of the High Council of Justice, representatives of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, a judge of the Supreme Court, MPs, lawyers and European experts.