Vacancy of Junior National Key- Expert

Dec 11, 2018 | Justice

Job title: Junior National Key- Expert on component 3.1 (Execution of civil sanctions)

Place of duty: Ukraine

Starting date : 20th January 2019

Key responsibilities:

The Junior National Key- Expert will be recruited through a local contract for the duration of the project. The Junior National Key- Expert will work component 3.1 (Execution of civil sanctions) as most of the reforms supported by this component are well underway and the majority of them are implemented by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Therefore, the Component is primarily meant to support the reforms' continuity and most of the required expertise is provided by a group of International Short-Term Experts assigned to the Component.

Under the responsibility of JCI, he will work on an everyday basis with the project manager in Paris, but also with the team leader of the project and the expert in charge of the management of the Component 3.

More specifically, the assigned tasks are:

  • Liaison with the beneficiaries of the relevant component;
  • Support the long-term key experts in their work;
  • Provide support to beneficiaries in the creation of regulatory frameworks;
  • Function as a liaison between JCI, the project team and the Short-Term experts;
  • Draft Terms of References for short-term missions;
  • Prepare missions of short-term experts, including the logistics;
  • Provide assistance in drafting and editing of reports;
  • Prepare events, including the budget and assume responsibility for the implementation;
  • Provide support to the communication officer.

Qualifications :

The junior national expert should at minimum have :

• a relevant University degree in their respective field of expertise

• a good command of written and spoken Russian and/or Ukrainian and English

Professional experience :

• at least 2 years of work experience, preferably in the field.

Please send your CV and resume to before 31 December 2018