Vacancy of short-term expert on budgeting

Jul 30, 2018 | Justice

EU Project Pravo-Justice is looking for a short-term expert to establish JSRSAP intervention costing and budgeting scheme so that the justice sector reform is supported by forward looking, coherent and sustainable budgetary arrangements.

Background and Justification

The Justice Sector Reform Strategy and Action Plan 2015-2020 (JSRSAP) foresees a wide-ranging reform of the justice sector in Ukraine, elaborating policy interventions with complex results-oriented indicators. Its operational itemisation is being ensured through Annual Implementation Plans (AIPs) for each of its twelve Chapters, discussed and adopted by the Judicial Reform Council (JRC). The Ministry of Justice (MOJ), the High Council of Justice (HCJ) already have operational strategic planning units (directorates/departments) and the General Prosecutor’s Office (GPO) has assigned dedicated staff tasked with JSRSAP monitoring and implementation. Other justice sector institutions (JSIs) are developing such dedicated capacities. All these achievements owed to a significant contribution of the Predecessor Project (PP), which has helped developing the coordination mechanism at the central and institutional level, in order to drive justice sector reform policy and implementation. In the initial years (2015-2017) of the current justice sector reform policy cycle, the efforts were predominantly focused on ensuring actual implementation of the activities and achieving relevant milestones.

The PP also developed an integrated JSRSAP-based Monitoring Tool for serving as a key instrument for structuring and facilitating implementation and reporting processes, generating analytics and numerical data for better overall management of the reform.

Pravo-Justice (PJ) continued to build on these efforts, advancing the policy framework, streamlining annual planning arrangements, operationalising the use of the JSRSAP Monitoring Tool and the online donor (external assistance) coordination platform, harmonising reporting formats, and supporting the JSRSAP (Mid-Term and Final) evaluation. In order to ensure a proper bottom-up approach in better strategic planning, it is to contribute to further development of dedicated strategic planning institutional and personnel capacities. Complementarity of interventions in Sub-Component 1.1 is to be provided by the PJ work in Sub-Component 1.2 to ensure better linkage between policy and budgets through institutional performance management, performance and programme-based budgeting and MTEF. For addressing the latter objectives and tasks the PJ work plan provides for:

  • Activity 1.2.1 ‘Development of Program Budgeting (PB) capacities for justice sector policy’, mirroring JSRSAP actions 2.1.1, 4.1.1, and 12.1.2, with the specific sub-activity ‘Establishing JSRSAP intervention costing and budgeting scheme’. At the initial stage of implementation of the sub-activity concerned, it would be necessary to structure and launch the JSRSAP costing exercise, guide stakeholders for proceeding with it accordingly. Implementation of technical assistance intervention concerned would merit a national expert(s) assignment.


To establish JSRSAP intervention costing and budgeting scheme so that the justice sector reform is supported by forward looking, coherent and sustainable budgetary arrangements.

Specific Tasks

The main tasks of the assignment comprise:

  • Structuring and launching the JSRSAP costing exercise; JSRSAP PB budgeting and its monitoring framework is formalized, based and synchronised with AIPs, dedicated staff is assigned and trained to deal with policy costing and programme-based budgeting of initiatives, JSRSAP interventions are budgeted under MTEF framework.

Target Groups / Beneficiaries

JRC, MOJ, HCJ, other justice sector institutions, donors.


Highest Relevance. All the activities are envisaged by PJ WP for the period of June-September 2018.


• 30 WDs (out of 60) under Sub-activity for structuring and launching the JSRSAP costing exercise, JSRSAP-based policy costing methodology and capacity building (training/on the job coaching) of the dedicated staff of the key institutions.

Expert’s Profile

The mission requires services of 1 national short-term expert with the following (minimum) qualifications:

Assignment 1 Expert

• University degree relevant to the assignment. • At least 3 years of professional experience in the financial / budgetary areas, preferably in or related to the justice sector; • Experience in dealing with MTBF and related budgetary cycles, developing institutional or programme budgets would be considered an advantage.


Reports and other deliverables as indicated above, in coordination with the Team Leader.


• 30 working days by national short-term expert. • Experts to provide the deliverables mentioned above. Location and Duration

The mission is expected to take place in Kyiv in July-September 2018, in a number of legs to be determined. Some work-days may be invoiced from home-base

Required documents: CV; Cover Letter.

Interested candidates are welcome to send their documents indicating as Subject Short-term expert on budgeting PRAVO to the e-mail address