Reform of enforcement of court decisions to raise the trust of the foreign investors in doing business in Ukraine

Sep 02, 2019 | Judiciary, Justice


The Ukrainian Bar Association jointly with the EU Project Pravo-Justice, and Mykolaiv Court of Appeal held a discussion on enforcement of national court decisions on August 30.

Ukraine faces an important challenge in the reform of enforcement of court decisions, as a key effort to protect property rights in a practical and effective manner. A successful reform of the enforcement system is directly relevant to raising the trust of the Ukrainian public and foreign investors in Ukraine as a safe place for owning property and doing business.

International short-term expert of the EU Project Pravo-Justice Damir Site said that inspections of private enforcement officers should be constructive and limited to monitoring compliance with professional standards. However, when it comes to the unlawfulness of the procedural actions of a private enforcement officers, they should only be evaluated by a court.

In European jurisdictions, the work of private enforcement officers is audited by the professional community itself. This should be the case in Ukraine.