Olena Sukmanova: Anti-takeover committee of the MOJ returns corporate rights to greek investors

Jul 13, 2018 | Justice

The Anti-Takeover Committee of the Ministry of Justice abolished unauthorized registration of the company and returned the corporate rights to the real owner - the Greek investors. This was announced by Olena Sukmanova, Deputy Minister of Justice for State Registration, in her videoblog.

In particular, the commission considered a complaint of investors regarding the company's illegal takeover and re-registration of corporate rights of this company in favor of an unknown person.

"We appealed to the Ministry of Justice and prepared the necessary documents. The complaint and arguments were considered very promptly and professionally. The complaint about the registration actions was satisfied, and corporate rights were restituted to the real owner, that is, to Greek investors", - the representative of the company commented on the situation.

Olena Sukmanova explained why the Committee decided to cancel the registration actions and what specific violations were committed by the registrar.

According to her, when the registrar carries out registration activities, they must necessarily scan all documents providing the grounds for such registration actions and enter them in electronic form in the Register to enable the Ministry of Justice check the legality of such registration and have access to information.

"When we logged in to the Register, we did not find any scans or documents. Moreover, the district state administration, which shall be the custodian of the hardcopy file, informed us that no notice from the notary regarding the relevant changes was received by the district administration. In addition, the notary himself informed us that he did not carry out any actions. Accordingly, such blatant violations well justified the cancellation of the company owners change of by the Anti-Takeover Committee", - explained the Deputy Minister of Justice for State Registration.

Please follow the link to see the video: https://minjust.gov.ua/watch/zastupnik-ministra-yustitsii-sukmanova-olena-pro-konkretni-istorii-skarjnikiv-yaki-zvertayutsya-do-antireyderskoi-komisii-minyustu