Information on training course “Training of trainers on implementing services for vulnerable court users"

Jul 01, 2020 | Judiciary, Justice

Ensuring due access to justice for vulnerable court users is an integral part of the right to a fair trial. The judiciary should take into account and adequately respond to the needs arising in the provision of services to various groups of vulnerable court users, including children, victims of sexual and gender-based violence, persons with disabilities and low mobility.

In order to improve the level of court services for vulnerable categories of court users via modern management decisions in the framework of Model Courts Initiative implemented by EU Project "Pravo-Justice", Project international and national experts have developed a special training course "Training of trainers on implementing services for vulnerable court users".

The purpose of the training courseis training of trainers who will be able to pass on the acquired professional knowledge and skills to their colleagues in order to disseminate European best practices in ensuring access to justice for vulnerable court users. The program is designed for judges, court staff, prosecutors, representatives of the National Police of Ukraine and free legal aid system.

You can find out more about the course curriculum at the link

As of July 1, 2020 selective entry of applications for training according to the curriculum of the training course "Training of trainers on implementing services for vulnerable categories of court users" is announced. We invite judges and court staff to participate in the competition.

Requirements for participants of the training course:

  • interest in implementing services for vulnerable categories of court users in Ukraine and gaining trainers' skills for further mentoring;
  • having basic knowledge in the field of victim support, victimology or child-friendly justice;
  • excellent interpersonal skills and interest in teaching/coaching;
  • intention to be a coach in a long-term perspective (at least for the next three years).

The training course will start on July 15, 2020 and includes 8 webinars twice a week.

The course will cover topics:

• the concept of victimization, the need to support victims and witnesses and its evolution;

• acquaintance with international and regional standards of protection and support of victims and witnesses;

• victimization experience, understanding the needs of victims and witnesses;

• inventory of available services;

• security planning;

• communication with vulnerable persons;

• the role of a child-friendly environment and communication to obtain evidence;

• basics of psychological work with victims;

• basics of conflict management and crisis intervention.

To participate in the selection it is necessary:

  1. To fill in the form
  2. Prepare a cover letter and essay on "Accessibility of court for vulnerable groups as part of the right to judicial protection." The essay should be in Arial font, size 12, spacing 1.5, not exceeding 2000 characters and saved in PDF.
  3. The letter and essay must be attached to the application at the link provided.
  4. Submit a form with attachments.

Deadline for applications: July 7, 2020 Based on the results of evaluating the materials received, the Project competition commission will determine 20 participants for doing the specified training course. Applicants will receive a reply as to the selection results on July 10 by e-mail.