5 insights from the enforcement system of Lithuania

Oct 07, 2019 | Judiciary, Justice, Property rights protection


The delegation of the Association of private enforcement officers paid a study visit to Lithuania with the support of the Project.

Private enforcement officers were familiarized with the work of the Chamber and the offices of the bailiffs, the Court of Honor.

Several insights from the Lithuanian system, which, according to private enforcement officers, should be implemented in Ukraine:

  1. Electronic money seizure - Debts are collected automatically in Lithuania. We are dominated by paper-based paperwork, which slows down debt collection and streamlines the procedure.
  2. Instant online access to all the information about debtors and their property - no need to send numerous inquiries to banking institutions and wait weeks for answers.
  3. Contractor - manager and organizer of the office due to the wide powers of assistants. In our case, the contractor is forced to do almost all the technical work in the proceedings, because the powers of the assistants are mainly to register and send correspondence.
  4. Provision of paid fact-finding services and the delivery of documents - as long as our legislation does not provide for this in principle.
  5. Fixed minimum payment for the services of the contractor in cases with small amounts of debt - also is not stipulated in the legislation.