EU Project Pravo-Justice continues targeted support of Ukrainian Prosecutors


The Project has delivered to the Office of the Prosecutor General, in particular its Department for Combating Crimes Committed within the Military Conflict, drones, other special crime scene investigation devices, IT and additional office equipment for digitalization of case files and evidence.

The hardware will be used by the Interagency Working Group for increasing the effectiveness of investigation of violations of the laws and customs of war formed by the Office of the Prosecutor General. The group includes not only lawyers, but also military experts, analysts to support identification of types of weapons, military units, mechanisms and other circumstances of crimes, up to establishing the circle of persons who could issue a criminal order.

The Project Component Leader, Mr. Erik Svanidze highlighted: "This is a specifically tailored set of equipment provided within the multidimensional cooperation with the Office of the Prosecutor General, as the lead institution of the domestic and, accordingly, international mechanisms for addressing war and other atrocity crimes. Cooperation is being continued. None of the war criminals should go unpunished."

Mr. Yuriy Belousov, Head of the Department on Combating Crimes Committed within the Military Conflict of the Office of the Prosecutor General thanked the Project and European Union for intensive cooperation, sharing advanced expertise, provision of equipment and other day-to-day support. He stressed: "It is important for defeating the aggressors at the legal front. International community, partners are our allies in this respect as well."

Pravo-Justice systematically provides technical and advisory support to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and courts in the investigation of war crimes committed in Ukraine since the beginning of the new phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war on February 24, 2022. This is already the third supply of the necessary equipment financed by the EU. As of today, the total amount of such assistance exceeds 550,000 euros.