Regional Justice Reform Councils

30 April 2019

5 facts about Regional Justice Reform Councils: Provide dialogue between the central level and the regions; Address the needs of regions for the reform of justice; Composed of lawyers, scholars, students and NGOs; Operated in Chernivtsi, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa regions and in the Donbas; Supported by the EU Project Pravo-Justice

EU Project Pravo-Justice supports the justice sector reforms

17 February 2019

The EU-funded Project Pravo-Justice promotes greater rule of law in Ukraine, in line with European standards and comparative practices EU Joint Vision of Justice as a Chain Fair Resolution of Disputes in Court Property Right Protection and Ease of Business More Secure Society at a Lower Cost More Accessible and Service-oriented Justice

How the EU has supported Ukraine on reforming its justice sector for three years in a row

6 May 2018

Full reset of the judiciary, structural reforms at the Ministry of Justice, privatisation of enforcement services: how the European Union has supported Ukraine in reforming its justice sector for three years in a row

Private enforcement officer - new legal profession for Ukraine. What is it about?

25 April 2018

The reform of the enforcement of court decisions should significantly increase the proportion of execution of court decisions. In EU countries, where private enforcement officers operate, at least 30% of court decisions are executed. In Ukraine, this figure was only 5% before the institution of private enforcement officer was introduced