Technical Audit of UJITS Subsystems Completed

26.12.2023 |

With the financial support of EU Project Pravo-Justice, CIVITTA has completed a technical audit of subsystems (modules) of the Unified Judicial Information and Telecommunication System (UJITS).

A team of qualified independent experts analysed the documentation, technical specifications and data contained in UJITS subsystems (modules) in accordance with international standards and best practices to identify what can be improved.

The comprehensive evaluation covered all platforms and system integration options, taking into account regulatory, standards and security requirements. The auditors paid particular attention to risk assessment and planned increases in system load.

Moreover, based on the findings of the technical audit, a number of recommendations were drawn up to help meet the requirements of the applicable legislation, update the UJITS concept, and improve the functioning and security of the current configuration.

The technical audit was conducted in productive cooperation with the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, the High Council of Justice, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine, and the Parliamentary Legal Policy Committee.

It should be noted that in its report on Ukraine dated 8 November, the European Commission expects a comprehensive audit of UJITS to be completed next year. It is to become a starting point for implementing full-fledged e-justice in Ukraine. It is an integral part of successful judicial reform and is crucial in ensuring citizens’ access to justice during martial law.

"Technical audit is only the first step in fulfilling the European Commission’s requirements. The next step is to conduct a functional audit, which is an integral part of the overall comprehensive evaluation. According to audit findings, there is a plan to adopt a roadmap using an evidence-based approach to modernise e-justice and start implementing it," said Valerii Bakal, Senior National Expert of EU Project Pravo-Justice, E-Justice Component Lead.