Donbas Regional Justice Reform Council


Olena Fonova

Donbas Regional Justice Reform Council Coordinator

Doctor of Law. Judicial spokespersons, judge of Commercial Court of Luhansk region

  • Dmytro Vizyrskyi

    state registrar, chairman of the Union of registrars of Ukraine

  • Olena Skovorodina

    chairman of Commercial court of Donetsk Region

  • Dmytro Golikov

    lawyer, member of the Ukrainian Bar Association

  • Victoria Vorona

    lawyer, head of the board of NGO "Donbass Gate"

  • Olga Shapovalova

    Doctor of Law, professor. Head of the Department of economic law of Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University. Leading researcher of the Department of legal support of sectoral innovative development of the Research institute of legal support of innovative development of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

  • Vadym Laznikov

    head of the Department for regulatory and legal work and decentralization of the Luhansk Regional State Administration

  • Alvidas Medalinskas

    Deputy chairman of the Donbass Gate NGO, politologist