The International Advisory Council has discussed the Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy for the Reform of the Judiciary

30.03.2018 |

According to Dovydas Vitkauskas, Team leader of the EU Project “Pravo-Justice”, successful implementation of judicial reform, approximation to EU standards is possible through providing not only clear planning, but also ensuring coordination and cooperation among all stakeholders.

Therefore, the European partners of the High Council of Justice welcome the growth of its capacity both in strategic planning and in the coordination of the plans of all institutions of the judiciary and donor support on the implementation of reforms.

Chairman of the High Council of Justice, Ihor Benedysiuk, noted that the main task of the International Advisory Council is the development and maintenance of international relations between the High Council of Justice, bodies and institutions of the justice system of Ukraine and foreign states, as well as international organizations, with the aim of implementing the Justice sector reform Strategy for 2015-2020.

It should be noted, that creation of the High Council of Justice as a new constitutional body took place within the framework of the Justice Sector Reform Strategy 2015-2020, which was developed in close cooperation with the EU Project "Support to Justice Reform in Ukraine", which has found its logical continuation in the EU project EU Project “Peavo-Justice”.