Minister of Justice presented the Strategic Plan developed together with the EU PRAVO-Justice Project

29.03.2018 |

Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko presented the Strategic Action Plan of the Ministry for the coming years, and the passports of reforms of the enforcement system, the state registration system, and the penitentiary system.

Experts of the EU PRAVO-Justice project together with other donors have been actively involved in the development of a new Strategy and conduct of the comprehensive reform of the Ministry of Justice. New approaches suggest the creation of a full strategic planning cycle, which would include the development of step-by-step action plans at all levels.

“The key difference in approaches will be the introduction of clear milestones with concrete implementation deadlines, and tasks to be completed by the Ministry of Justice at each stage, as well as the analysis of the reasons that prevented from the implementation of what was planned,” said Pavlo Petrenko.

In the meantime, Team Leader of the EU PRAVO-Justice Project Dovydas Vitkauskas noted that much has already been achieved in the framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Justice.

“First, the Ministry itself was restructured and reformed. Second, the enforcement system reform is still ongoing, and the EU Project will continue supporting it. Third, together with the Ministry of Justice, we have been working on the registers and on-line service reforms which will allow all citizens receiving high-quality public services without leaving their homes,” said Dovydas Vitkauskas.

According to him, another important area of cooperation consists in development of the probation system which is intended to strike better balance between crime prevention and social re-integration of former offenders.