More Secure Society at a Lower Cost

Better crime prevention and resocialisation of offenders – probation and alternative sanctions

The purpose of probation service is to reduce crime and enhance public safety through the development and implementation of a range of evidence-based interventions effective at reducing re-conviction by offenders.

Probation service helps to reduce crime and enhance public safety

Pravo-Justice is continuing on the path established by the Predecessor Project in supporting the Probation Service of Ukraine through the creation and use of analytical tools such as Risk and Needs Assessment, development of new training programmes for the Probation staff, introduction of electronic services.

Better management of prisons

New approaches to management of prisons should contribute to decreasing the prison population and reducing reoffending rate. "Pravo-Justice" is supporting these initiatives, in particular, through preparation of inmates for their successful return to the society after release.

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The Project helped MOJ develop a Unified Convicts Register

20 January 2021

The Project helped MOJ develop a Unified Convicts Register, which for the first time will allow the Ukrainian penitentiary and probation services to have full real-time data on convicts and their profiles.

Procurement Officer Pravo-Justice

13 January 2021

The EU-funded Project Pravo-Justice is looking for a Procurement Officer to design, prepare, coordinate and oversee procurements of IT and other services and supplies envisaged by the Project.