Concept of introducing a system of notification of cases of security breaches in courts

7 May 2021

After the experts of the EU Project Pravo-Justice assessed the security needs in the courts, it became clear that it was necessary to create a system for reporting incidents (hereinafter the term "system for reporting cases of security breaches"). Security Court Service and the State Judicial Administration generally recognise the need to improve security in the courts and welcome experts assistance by the EU Project Pravo-Justice in implementing a system for reporting security breaches as an important element in improving court security.

Justice Sector Reforms Newsletter

4 March 2021

Dear friends, For your attention, please see the newsletter about our support to the justice sector reform.

Information on the possibility of conciliation in court

25 February 2021

The court helps to reconcile the parties in various ways, including through the settlement of a dispute with the participation of a judge and through mediation. The brochure on the possibility of conciliation in court tells in more detail about these methods.

Memo on providing access to mediation in court

25 February 2021

Mediation is a type of negotiation between the parties to a dispute, supported by a neutral and independent mediator, in order to find a mutually acceptable solution. Learn more about the benefits of mediation and its difference from litigation from the brochure.

Analysis of the practice of bringing private enforcement officers to disciplinary responsibility

24 February 2021

Disciplinary responsibility of private enforcement officers is one of the key elements of the system of control over the work of private enforcement officers. The study analyzed disciplinary practice, the judicial practice of appealing the decisions of the Disciplinary Commission and the orders of the Ministry of Justice to bring private enforcement officers to disciplinary responsibility. It also compared modern disciplinary practice with similar practice in other European countries and their compliance with the general standards of the Council of Europe in the field of justice.