Guidelines for the implementation of mediation competence in accordance with the master's degree

24 June 2021

Within the framework of the EU Project Pravo-Justice, a group of national experts analysed in detail the Standard of Higher Education in the specialty 081 "Law" in the field of knowledge 08 "Law" for the second (master's) level of higher education and developed guidelines for higher education institutions. Ability to use mediation and other legal instruments of alternative out-of-court settlement and resolution of legal disputes.

Standard operating procedure for signage of court premises

23 June 2021

The standard operating procedure determines the general rules and procedure for signage the premises in the court with the help of information plates, regulates the content, design, color scheme and size of such plates.

Model Courts Handbook

17 June 2021

Project experts from Armenia, Finland, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and U.K. have together developed the Model Courts Handbook, in order to help the Ukrainian courts to make the court construction rules, management approaches, reception and security facilities more user-friendly.

Draft report on the Aspects of "Minor Cases" in the Practice of Civil and Commercial Proceedings in the First Instance and Appellate Courts of Ukraine

24 May 2021

This report, with as background the overarching goal to make the Ukrainian civil and commercial justice more effective and efficient, seeks to improve, and where necessary, find solutions.

Manual "Training of trainers for the implementation of services for vulnerable categories of court users." Part II. For course participants

17 May 2021

The purpose of the training course "Training of trainers for the implementation of services for vulnerable categories of court users" is to train trainers who will be able to pass on the acquired special professional knowledge and skills to their colleagues to disseminate best European practices to ensure access to justice for vulnerable court users. The program is designed for judges, court staff, prosecutors, representatives of the National Police of Ukraine and the free legal aid system.