West Ukrainian Summer Legal School-2019 “Ukraine’s Path to the European Union”

Jun 06, 2019 | E-justice, Judiciary, Justice, Probation, Property rights protection

The EU project Pravo-Justice (Project) and Law Department of Yurii Fedkovych National University of Chernivtsi invites students to take part in the Summer Legal School of 2019: “Ukraine’s Path to the European Union.”

The Summer School dedicated to the principles and values of the European legal tradition will take place over July 1-5, 2019, on the basis of the Yurii Fedkovych National University of Chernivtsi.

International and national experts of the Project, representatives of state authorities, leading Ukrainian academicians and researchers have been invited to participate in the Summer School as trainers. The following issues will be discussed in the framework of the School: institutions and legal acts of the European Union (EU), EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, EU standards of criminal and financial policy, European standards of probation and protection of property rights, court and judicial independence, electronic court etc.

The candidates who are invited to apply to the Summer School shall be:

  1. students of 3rd, 4th, or 5th year of law universities and academic institutions from the following cities: Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Lviv;

  2. fluent in English (lectures over the Summer School will be delivered in Ukrainian and English);

  3. interested in European integration processes in the field of justice and security.

In order to apply, the interested candidates shall submit:

  1. CV (free form). Please note that the CV submitted should contain the correct mobile phone number and the email address of a candidate;

  2. essay “European Integration Policy of Ukraine: Key Achievements and Prospects”. Volume of essay – up to 2 pages of printed text (file in MS Word format, font size - 14 (Times New Roman), single line spacing, margins: upper, lower, left - 2 cm, right - 1.5 cm). CV and essays shall be submitted in English.

The participants to the Summer School will be selected by the Organizing Committee by way of assessment of the above-mentioned documents. The deadline for submission of applications to the Summer School is June 21, 2019, 23:59 Kyiv time.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to legal_school@pravojustice.eu.

The selection results will be announced no later than June 26, 2019. The successful candidates selected as participants to the Summer School will be notified in person.

All travel and accommodation expenses of the participants to the Summer School will be covered by the organizers.