European experts conducted a monitoring of the implementation of civil and commercial procedural legislation

Oct 11, 2019 | Judiciary, Justice

20191010143421-3990.jpg Regardless of how ideal the legislation may be, implementation and consultation with representatives of the various legal professions is very important.

International Project Experts from the Netherlands Remco van Rhee and Bert Maan started a mission to monitor procedural codes and collect data in 2018. The experts analyzed the application of the new rules of the procedure through questionnaires, court visits, interviews and public discussions in different regions of Ukraine.

"In different regions of Ukraine, we have heard that, despite the fact that the legislation has come into force a long time ago, some judges continue to use the old one," said Project's Operations Manager Inna Linova during the presentation of the Monitoring.

On the other hand, the Directorate of Legal Policy for the Justice Sector under the Ministry of Justice with the support of the EU Pravo-Justice Project, presented the Monitoring Report on the analysis of the effectiveness of the introduced legal acts in the fields of justice, judicial administration; enforcement of decisions of courts and other bodies; bankruptcy; forensics.

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