Support to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in improvement of its electronic document and data management system

Jan 17, 2020 | E-justice, Judiciary, Justice

Pravo-Justice Project is assisting Ukraine in the ongoing rule of law reforms by providing inter alia the necessary institution building for a sustainable justice sector reform in line with European standards and best comparative practices. The Project is implemented by Expertise France through the delegated management contract with the EU.

As part of these efforts, the Project is preparing a functional review of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), making sure the Ministry does not only have better capacities of strategic planning, M&E and coordination – but it also disposes of all tools and information to exercise its roles in the regulatory development and service provision, including by way of tools for the knowledge management at the central and local level.

In addition, a particular sub-component of the Project is aimed at improving the internal work-flow of MOJ, its business processes, document flow and digital capacity in general, taking into account the wide variety of agencies and tasks under MOJ, including their regional dimension. After consultations with the stakeholder, the piloting of digital document management system has been foreseen in one regional entity, with the possible scaling to other regions later based on the subsequent lessons learned.

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