Number of judges in High Anti-Corruption Court and new courts is determined

Oct 05, 2018 | Judiciary

Original in Ukrainian: State Judicial Administration website

On July 31, 2018, the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, after agreeing with the High Council of Justice, signed orders to determine the number of judges in the Supreme Court, the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court, the Supreme Court on Intellectual Property, and newly formed appellate courts in appellate districts.

In accordance with the orders of SJA of Ukraine:

A new number of judges in the Supreme Court was determined - 196 judges (formerly 120), of which 56 judges in the Administrative Court of Cassation (increased by 26); 45 judges in the Economic Court of Cassation (increased by 15); 42 judges in the Criminal Court of Cassation (increased by 12); 53 judges in the Civil Court of Cassation (increased by 23).

The High Anti-Corruption Court will have 39 judges, of which 12 judges will belong to the Appellate Chamber.

For the High Intellectual Property Court, a new number of judges was set up - 30 (formerly 21), including 9 judges of the Appellate Chamber of this court.

Moreover, the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine determined the number of judges in the newly formed courts of appeal in appellate circuits – 1439 judges, including 964 courts of appeal, 218 in economic courts of appeal, and 257 in administrative courts of appeal.