How to improve coordination of technical assistance in justice sector?

Jul 20, 2018 | Judiciary

Pravo-Justice international expert Eric Svanidze presented international assistance coordination platform - Justice Sector Reform Strategy Action Plan Monitoring Tool to the High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine.

Eric Svanidze stressed that Justice Sector Reform Strategy and its Action Plan implementation is subject to an appropriate Monitoring and Evaluation System. He presented a Monitoring tool that has been developed by the Project for justice sector stakeholders.

“It is an integrated instrument for facilitating and guiding structured and consistent implementation of the JSRSAP by means of further (process-related) itemization of measures envisaged by it. It allows to measure relevant outputs and will facilitate communication of results and progress achieved. The tool is being taken over and developed further by the national stakeholders”, - explained international expert.

The platform will accumulate information about international assistance projects within the framework of the implementation of the Justice Sector Reform Strategy 2015-2020 and its Action Plan.

The іnternational expert presented a test version of the site, its structure, functional capabilities, as well as advantages over other ways of communication with projects of international technical assistance.

Deputy head of the secretariat of the Commission Alexander Bystrushkin said that the idea of creating an electronic platform for coordinating donor assistance seems particularly relevant now, during the implementation of judicial reform. He also added that the platform will help to make this process more organized and transparent.