Ministry of Justice published all MCQ tests for the notary exam

Jun 27, 2018 | Property rights protection

The Ministry of Justice published all MSQ Tests intended for the notary profession admission examination scheduled for the end of July.

Team Leader of the EU Project “Pravo-Justice” Dovydas Vitkauskas told that the development of MCQ test for notaries had been a demanding and time-consuming exercise.

“The quality of the questions is very good. Besides, the mere fact that the Ministry of Justice has published all tests proves that MoJ has committed to do more than it is required by international testing standards usually suggesting the publication of sample questions rather than actual questions,” he said at the press conference with Deputy Minister of Justice for state registration Olena Sukmanova and President of the Notary Chamber of Ukraine Volodymyr Marchenko.

Dovydas Vitkauskas hopes that joint efforts of European partners, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, and the Notary Chamber will allow achieving the ultimate goal, which is due protection of property rights in Ukraine. "We do everything to make sure that the examination would be as open and transparent as possible. Thus, rely solely on your good knowledge and training,” – said Olena Sukmanova. According to her, as of now, 305 applications have already been submitted while more candidates from the regions are expected to apply.

In his turn, President of the Notary Chamber of Ukraine Volodymyr Marchenko believes that such a professional and transparent examination will bring in true professionals who would have both good knowledge and ability to apply law, and would display an outstanding moral and ethical responsibility. “I hope that the new notaries together with the existing professional community will continue protecting the property rights of Ukrainians alongside addressing interests of their clients – individuals and legal entities”, said Volodymyr Marchenko.

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