Implementation of the Model Court solutions: mid-term expert mission

Aug 08, 2019 | Judiciary, Justice

Background and Justification

In 2018, Pravo-Justice launched the Model Courts Initiative (MCI) which is aimed at ensuring that greater user and service orientation are the key factors in the modern approach to the delivery of justice in Ukraine. Through the MCI, the Project is helping pilot a number of initiatives in 6 selected courts across Ukraine, with a view to improving client service through front-office facilities, better handling of vulnerable groups of court users, institutionalisation of user satisfaction surveys and piloting of other modern management initiatives.

In June 2019, national and international experts of the MCI presented the MCI Handbook developed as a result of their joint efforts carried out in coordination with numerous Ukrainian legal professionals and representatives of the civil society active in the field of justice. The Handbook envisages the guidelines for all involved in the multifaceted process of court management, right from the initial phase of planning and erecting a new courthouse or refurbishing an existing one to the every-day court operations carried on by judges and court staff. The Handbook not only serves as a toolkit that provides users with the knowledgeof particular potential solutions, but also contains a set of tools for its implementation.

In the upcoming months, the Project will be focusing on implementation of the MCI solutions, also through a change of organization of work in the courts. Some of them require for effective implementation that assessment of the current state of business processes is being conducted. The scope and complexity of the tasks require involvement of an International Expert for a longer period than in case of a short – term mission.


• Ensure better performance of judicial system of Ukraine through implementation of modern solutions in court operation in accordance with the best European practices.

Target Groups / Beneficiaries

HCJ, SJA, Council of Judges, other stakeholders.

Relevance for JSRSAP

High relevance. The mission is directly relevant for the implementation of Chapters 2 and 4 of JSRSAP and the Annual Implementation Plans (AIPs) 2019 under these Chapters.


• Analysis of the business processes in courts participating in the MCI;

Recommendations for improvement in line with the best European practices and the MCI solutions;

Developing Standard Operation Procedure necessary for implementation of the MCI solutions;

Developing templates, training curricula and instruction materials for court managers and staff involved in the system;

Conducting trainings of court staff and other relevant professionals to raise their awareness of particular user needs.


Outputs associated with the assignment will include, under all of the tasks mentioned above:

• Report on the analysis of the business processes in courts participating in the MCI;

• Standard Operation Procedure developed necessary for implementation of the MCI solutions;

• training curricula and instruction materials for court managers and staff involved in the system;

Experts’ Profile

The assignment requires service of 1 international mid-term expert with the following (minimum) qualifications:

• A graduate degree in law;

• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in court management;

• Experience in development of similar systems and in relevant training;

• Fluency in written and verbal communication in English.


• Implementation activities, reports and other deliverables are to be coordinated with IKE on Component 2.


50 working days (WDs) by ISTE.

• Expert to provide the deliverables mentioned above.

Location and Duration

The mission is expected to take place in Kyiv during September 2019 – March 2020. Some workdays may be invoiced from home-base upon preliminary approval.

Please send your CV and resume to before 15 September 2019