Cheaper and closer: how draft law 9311 suggests improving the availability of notary services?

Nov 24, 2018 | Justice, Property rights protection
The vast majority of people need, from time to time, to address to notaries for a wide range of services – starting from the certification of copies of documents, registration of legacy or will up to the conclusion of a marriage contract or a sales contract.

There are currently 717 state-run notary offices in Ukraine and 5578 private notaries.

Despite this, there is still a problem of lack of staff in state offices in remote regions.

While in big cities, one may see the sign “Notary” at almost every step, residents of multiple areas have sometimes to cross hundreds of kilometers to get access to notarial services.

Certainly, high demand leads to the relevant offer, but this cannot serve as an argument when it comes to equal access of citizens to services guaranteed by the State.

Today, 122 areas of our country do not have any state notaries at all, vacancies in state offices remaining unfilled for years.

This situation affects the citizens’ access to notarial services, which has been confirmed by the findings of a survey held by the Ministry of Justice, respondents including 35 thousand people of rural population throughout Ukraine, except for temporarily occupied territories.

In particular, 43% of respondents complained about the long distance between notary offices/notaries and their place of residence. To solve the problem, the Ministry of Justice, within the framework of the new anti-raider draft law No. 9311, suggests to employees (consultants) the state offices, employees of notary department of regional departments of justice, and representatives of local self-governance bodies taking notarial acts, to issue a notary certificate under a simplified procedure.

Oleksiy Shevchenko, Head of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in the Kyiv Oblast

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