Call for proposals: organisation of a seasonal (spring or summer 2020) regional legal school in Odesa

Dec 13, 2019 | E-justice, Judiciary, Justice, Probation, Property rights protection

The EU Project Pravo-Justice announces a call for proposals for organisation - via grant agreement - of a seasonal (spring or summer 2020) legal school in Odesa. The activity in question is to be organised in close cooperation with the Project and should result in:

  1. Better understanding by school participants of EU standards and institutional set-up, as well as of the progress of Ukraine in reforming its justice sector in line with the best European and comparative practices;

  2. Raised awareness among academia about the opportunity to contribute to the reform of the justice sector through EU technical assistance to Ukraine in general and the Project in particular.

Odesa-based civil society organisations are invited to apply, the deadline for applications was prolonged to 13 January 2020 23:00 (Paris time).

Annex 1 - application form

Annex 2 - action budget

Annex 3 - capacity form

Annex 5 - DAJ_M016ENG_v01 Grant contract

Annex 5 - DAJ_M020ENG_v01 Grant contract (annex IV - procurement rules)

Annex 5 - DAJ_MO18ENG_v02 Grant contract (annex II - general conditions)

Copy of 4. Third-party Identity Sheet

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