Call for Experts in Justice Sector Policy Planning, Steering and Coordination (M/W)

Jul 21, 2021 | Judiciary, Justice
The Support to Justice Sector Reforms and Digitalization in Ukraine (Pravo-Justice) project, implemented by Expertise France with funding from the European Union, seeks highly qualified international and national (Ukrainian) experts for its Justice Sector Policy Planning and Coordination component.

The overall goal of Component 1 is to ensure sustainability of justice sector policy steering in Ukraine, furnishing it with coherent, sustainable and evidence-based strategic planning, regulatory instruments and means, and improving its inclusiveness in terms or regional and civil society engagement.

The key activities envisaged by the Project workplan for Component 1 include: development of relevant strategies, other policy instruments and support to their implementation, introduction of monitoring tools and coherent, inclusive policy steering mechanism(s); enhancement of institutional strategic planning and coordination frameworks and capacities; improvement of procedural legislation and evidence-based monitoring/review system; boosting regional and CSOs’ contribution to the central-level justice sector policy cycle.

Please see the Framework Call for more details on the various missions and the contracting vehicle via the link.